The Leeds Learning Alliance is a Trust formed by like-minded Leeds educational organisations based upon shared commitment to inclusion, close collaboration and high level ambition.




Unconditional mutual respect.

Inclusive and comprehensive admission and retention practices.

A supportive and challenging culture:
• encouraging the development and sharing of innovation.
• providing opportunities, encouragement and challenge for staff to improve their own practice.
• working generously with partners.

Learning and community at the heart of all that we do.

A broad, balanced and relevant curriculum offer for every child.

An expectation that all take responsibility for their own development.  

Strong and tailored information, advice and guidance to all learners at all stages of education.

Widening access to the wealth of learning opportunities in Leeds.

Shared community use of facilities and a commitment to and promotion of family learning and healthy lifestyles.

Commitment and accountability to local communities and the city for cohesion and opportunities for involvement.


The Leeds Learning Alliance will ensure that all members benefit from the following aims of the Trust:

High challenge and high support.

A successful and continuously improving organisation of partners that ensures:
• Rigorous and effective quality assurance. 
• High quality teaching and learning.
• High quality professional development.
• Research informed practice development.
• Maximising participation in learning.
• Effective and efficient use of resources.
• Joint commissioning.
• Economies of scale through shared resources and joint ventures.
• Promoting healthy lifestyles.


Partners agree to:

The central mission, values, principles and aims.

Promote these values through the work of everyone in their organisation.

The Articles of Association when joining the Trust and the processes for leaving the Trust.

Secure the required support and commitment from the appropriate authority, e.g. Governing / Trust Board.

Not commit to becoming Members of any Trust/MAT emanating from the work of this collaboration without further referral to their appropriate Boards.

Only share information gained through the Mission and Memorandum that has the agreement of all partners.

Other institutions being invited to sign up to this Mission and Memorandum, with the agreement of all existing Partners.

Supported by

Leeds Trinity University
Leeds College of Building
Leeds Rhinos Foundation
Leeds City Council
Bankside Primary School
Carr Manor Community School
Wetherby High School

Key Documents

Please find below some important documents for you to read through regarding the consultation process.

Memorandum of UnderstandingArticles of AssociationDirectors

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