Restorative and Relational Practice Immersion Days

LLA members including Carr Manor Community School, Ralph Thoresby and Wetherby High School are seeing the impact of relational practice.

A relational mind-set recognises that connection and belonging are the building blocks for flourishing communities. The approach sets the conditions for people, both children and adults, to know they are connected and valued. This means creating time and space for people to speak and be heard. By doing so the social and emotional capacity is deepened and can sustain increased levels of challenge both personally and as a community.

One way the schools above have implemented relational practice is through the use of ‘coaching’. The approach includes staff circles and pupils circles. Staff circles are composed from people across the school who meet in mixed groups of 8-12. They are a vehicle for support and encouragement as well as professional development. Pupil circles are small groups of 8-12 children. They meet with a member of staff (either teaching or support staff) three times a week for check-in, check-up and check-out. In addition to supporting the development of pro-social skills the approach supports the development of a whole school culture where high challenge and high support are the norm.

You can read recent research on the impact of this approach at the link below:

Rebecca Hibbin (2023) Relational responsibility, social discipline and behaviour in school: re-orienting discipline and authority through a distributed network of relational accountability.

To experience this approach in practice you can attend an LLA Immersion Day at Carr Manor Community School.

For further details, contact [email protected].